Street Lighting - Luxmo LED
Floodlighting - Kratos MK2 LED
Floodlighting - Kratos LED Highbay
Floodlighting - Kratos MK1 LED
Street Lighting - Gen LED
Neptune LED Post Top
GenLux Lighting Roadway Highway Lights


GenLux Lighting Roadway Lights


GenLux Lighting Roadway Highway Lights


Genlux Lighting - a lighting technology company

Genlux Lighting boasts a range of locally produced high pressure die cast aluminium (LM6 grade) luminaires, we are one of the largest local manufactures of outdoor, commercial, industrial and roadway lighting, we are proud to be 100% South African owned and managed.

Genlux Lighting has a strong focus on continuous improvement throughout the organisation that is reflected through the on-going optimisation of our current lighting range and the identification, sourcing and introduction of new lighting technologies to the South African market.

Genlux places a high emphasis on partnership philosophy that ensures that we combine and develop local skills, knowledge and competence with global technology partners in order to comprehensively serve our market, customer needs and objectives.

We at Genlux have a strong commitment towards benchmarking our products, services and manufacturing capabilities against market leaders. This allows us to ensure compliance with the ISO 9001 QMS, while all luminaries carry the SANS 60598 safety mark including photometric data that is available across the range.